Monday, January 19, 2009

Social Bookmarking as a Method of Building Backlinks

If you are an internet marketer or an online business owner, then you know that success of your online business depends largely on how well you are ranked on search engines. Better your search engine ranking is, more traffic you get, and more revenue you make.

However, with all the competition ahead, how in the world you manage to rank high on search engines? Your solution is SEO (search engine optimization) and link building. Lot of people confuse SEO and Link Building together and consider them to be the same. They however have distinct difference and should be taken as separate jobs to focus on. SEO is search engine optimization which primary focuses on on-page optimization. For example: your content and implementing your primary and secondary keywords in the content, your meta tags line title, description, keywords, etc. It also focus somewhat on your code validation to see whether your site passes W3C validation which however not that important SEO step.

Once you are done with developing the site and implement on-page optimization, next step would be link building with your anchor text. Building backlinks is more important than on page optimization these days. Without having boat load of backlinks, you cannot even think of getting ranked for your desired term. More competitive your search term is, more backlinks you will need.

So with all the average Joes building links old fashioned ways by submitting to directories, articles, doing blog commenting, etc, how in the world you get the competitive edge? Social bookmarking is your solution!

Social bookmarking is the latest trend in link building world. Its not long social media sites started gaining popularity and now you can use these popular social sites to bookmark your sites and get backlinks. You can either do it yourself or you can outsource to some link building service that can do the social bookmarking for you. You can consider SEOFocused who is an expert team of SEO professionals and website marketers who can help you get your site ranked well on major search engines.

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